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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

Fairmount Behavioral Health System offers hope by providing a secure place for people to begin recovery and to develop healthy behaviors with dignity.

Vision Statement

We will be known as the behavioral health provider that lives by our values to ensure each patient feels empowered, develops healthy behaviors and has a personalized treatment experience. Our employees will have such confidence in our services that they would entrust their loved ones to our care. We will be the employer of choice for staff at every level and create pride through teamwork, collaboration, fairness and follow-through. We will have a reputation for unrivaled partnership with all our associates and guests, including patients, their families and our community.

Our Values

Service Delivery

Our patients deserve effective and predictable treatment programming to help develop healthy behaviors. A patient’s time with us is limited, so we must take advantage of the opportunity to stabilize and teach healthy coping skills. This means all services are delivered on time and with the highest quality. We may maximize our patients’ interest and participation in treatment activities by providing choices within structure.

When a patient is admitted, we make a promise to them and the other stakeholders in their life. We pledge to provide accurate and thorough assessments, develop and implement a rigorous treatment plan, deliver group therapy and psycho-education on time every day, document our actions completely and promptly, follow the clinical schedule and carefully design a thorough discharge plan. We keep our promises.

Patient Well-Being
We are here to serve our patients. To do so, we must always act as though the patient’s welfare is greater than our own. At a minimum, we will do no harm. Ideally, our patients will develop skills and coping mechanisms that allow them to live productive, healthy lives. Our employees must exemplify selflessness and provide the type of care they would want for themselves or loved ones. Similarly, we have an obligation to each other, because a cared-for employee is a caring employee. By serving our patients well and taking care of each other, we ensure the mission of the hospital.
Patient Awareness
We must know the location of our patients and be there with them. This is as strategic as it is practical. In many instances, we are treating a person who is going through the hardest time in his or her life. Because of this, we must always be aware of the patient’s whereabouts and activities. We must be available and present for our patients to attend to their needs and concerns.
Meaningful Interaction:
Knowing our patients is an important part of our treatment approach. We must show our patients we care about them through frequent and respectful interactions and compassionate attention to their needs. Our interactions with each patient should serve to increase his or her sense of comfort and security while in our care.
As professionals, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide high-quality individualized care that aids in the development of healthy behaviors. Unfortunately, individualized care is not enough. To offer hope and initiate real change, we must work together as a team. We must rely on each other for support, coordinate treatment efforts and commit ourselves to a healthy social environment for our patients. Communication must be deliberate, frequent and candid to produce cohesive and ethical staff teams.
Environment of Care
Cleanliness is not a preference; it is a treatment issue. Our hospital system must have procedures for regular cleaning and maintenance. Daily upkeep is the job of every nurse, psychiatric technician, counselor, counselor’s aid, social worker, therapist, manager or support worker. When we take pride in our environment, we teach a lifelong lesson to our patients.

Here to Assist You 24/7

If a psychiatric disorder or chemical dependency affects you or a loved one, please call 215-487-4100. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to perform no-cost assessments and answer questions on programs and admissions.