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Authorization for Release of Information

Authorization for Release of Information

Instructions for Release of Medical Information

Fairmount Behavioral Health System is committed to protect and reserve your right to your Personal Health Information. Therefore, Health Information Service Department will not be releasing your information without a written authorization.  If you would like to obtain copies of your medical records, here are the steps:

1. Complete an Authorization of Release of Information Form by you or your guardian.

  • There is no fee for release to your primary care provider or any other health facilities.
  • Please note that there is a fee if you are requesting for yourself. See below for the fees stated by Department of Health, Notice regulated by Pennsylvania Act 26.
  • If you are requesting copies of your health information for SSI/SSA application, please note that SSI / SSA only need your date of service as they will request your record directly from us.

2. Return completed form to Health Information Service Department by one of the following method

  • Fax: 215-487-0964  Attn: Medical Record
  • Mail / drop off: 561 Fairthorne avenue Philadelphia, PA 19128 Attn: Medical Record

Please understand there are 30 days for Health Information Service Department to process your request but if you have questions regarding the status of your requests, please contact the Health Information Service Department, at 215-487-4057 between 8AM and 4PM during weekdays.

Fee amount for copies of Medical Record:

  • $27.14 for processing the medical information to the District Attorney.
  • $34.40 for processing the medical information to Dept. of Disability or SSI related / Any Federal or State financial Needs based programs.
  • Search and retrieval of medical record charge of:
  • $1.83 per page for 1-20 pages
  • $1.36 per page for 21-60 pages
  • $.47 per page for 61-end
  • Plus $2.51 postage and handling has been added.
  • *Retrieval fee applied only for designee of patient and subpoena $27.14

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