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Helpful Information

Below is a selection of helpful links on a variety of behavioral healthcare topics. This includes information for parents seeking help for their child and adults seeking help for themselves. Our repository includes resources for parents seeking help for their child or adults who are searching for deeper insight into particular mental health conditions.

Healthy Minds Philly

Wellness tips and resources for families and communities looking to address trauma, cope with uncertainty, stay connected, find mental health support, and thrive.


Depression, PTSD, Grief & Other:

Bullying & Conduct in Early Childhood:

Mental & Behavioral Health Discussions on Adolescent Girls:

Mental Health Topics for Teens:




Chemical Dependency:

Other Behavioral Health Topics

Mental Health Topics for Teens:

Here to Assist You 24/7

If a psychiatric disorder or chemical dependency affects you or a loved one, please call 215-487-4100. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to perform no-cost assessments and answer questions on programs and admissions.