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Allied Services

Allied Services

Allied Therapy

Allied therapy is a group of different therapies that can include art therapy, movement therapy, music therapy and recreation. Each therapy uses an assortment of activities to help with coping skills, stress management, social skills, relapse prevention, leisure education and more. Allied therapy is a crucial component to treatment at Fairmount Behavioral Health System.

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Group Therapy With Allied Therapy

Group therapy is an outlet for patients to share their experiences, discuss treatment and recovery, learn from each other and increase self-awareness to aid in recovery. Group therapy offers an opportunity to develop positive strategies for emotional release.

Life Skills With Allied Therapy

Life skills groups offer education on coping strategies, relapse prevention, stress and anger management, relaxation education and more. They help patients develop abilities to cope with daily life experiences and support their recovery.

Creative Arts Therapy With Allied Therapy

Creative arts therapies can include music, movement, art, therapeutic play and other creative and expressive experiences. The creative arts help patients identify and develop leisure skills, improve stress management, develop socialization skills, improve self-confidence and independence and capitalize on strengths.

Movement Therapy

Movement therapy is a creative outlet that can help people process and express their experiences. In movement therapy groups, people begin to develop confident relationship with their body and learn new ways to nurture and care for their emotional and bodily needs.

Art Therapy

Art therapy utilizes art to help patients to express themselves and develop personal growth and creativity. It uses a variety of materials with a selected purpose. Sharing images is an important part of art therapy because it allows patients express thoughts, feelings and experiences they may find difficult to say out loud. Activities include projective drawings, group murals and more.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a creative outlet for coping strategies and self-expression. Activities include improvisation on percussion instruments, singing, song writing, musical games, song lyric discussions, movement, relaxation and more. Music therapy helps increase frustration tolerance, improve stress and anger management, promote relaxation techniques, increase self-esteem, improve socialization and group relations and develop coping strategies for life experiences.

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