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Admission to Fairmount Behavioral Health System

Fairmount Behavioral Health System is dedicated to providing 24-hour assistance and guidance through the admission process. With a call to 800-235-0200, you have immediate access to a team of multidisciplinary professionals who can assess an individual in crisis and arrange admission to one of our treatment programs.

The assessment center is staffed by psychiatrists, registered nurses and highly master-level clinicians who are specially trained to assess individuals in crisis and provide confidential assessments. A psychiatrist is on site at all times.

If you would like to obtain copies of your medical records, please follow these steps.

Please click here for our downloadable registration form.

What Happens at Admission

During admission, you will meet with an admissions specialist who will review your rights and insurance information and have you sign various consents for treatment. You will also have a series of no-cost assessments done to determine the appropriate level of care. Once escorted to the appropriate unit, you treatment team will meet with you to set goals and develop your master treatment plan.

Here to Assist You 24/7

If a psychiatric disorder or chemical dependency affects you or a loved one, please call 215-487-4100. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to perform no-cost assessments and answer questions on programs and admissions.